Artist Projects

Byron Westbrook

used the ExiTrips for a multichannel distributed sound performance/installation both in NYC and in San Francisco at Activating the Medium in the Spring of 2011. For this appearance at Activating the Medium, Westbrook presented multichannel work that incorporates sonic elements broadcast to multiple radio receivers which are held and passed around by the audience. Sounds sent to these receiver/speakers will interact with each other as well as with stationary sounds positioned in the room, allowing the audience to help determine the outcome of the performance.





Photos by R. Yau for 23five Inc.



byronsf4  byronsf2 



Radio recievers installed on the banks of the river.



Keiko and local children listening to the transmission

Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat)

 has been using the ExiTrip for a site-specific outdoor installation for a residency and festival 'Paivascape' curated by Portugal's, funded by Meet the Composer/Global Connections grant. For her piece "Paiva Games: Sound Dam", she placed the transmitters along the banks of the river, layered and extended several signals from transmitters to transmitters, creating an additive sound piece using field recordings she collected in collaboration with children in two villages (Espiunca & Canelas) along the river Paiva. The listener is supposed to experience the piece by strolling the riverside and listening to the transmitted sounds mixed with the real-time sounds on site. Final presentation will be in the early March 2011 in Espiunca, Portugal.


ExiTrip Transmitter installed in a tree on the Paiva River.


Marcia Bassett

is using her ExiTrips for both solo and collaborative experimental drone performances. We are working with Marcia to replicate a sound that an electrical short in one of her devices has caused. She has discovered how to create an analog oscillator out of the digital circuits. It sounds like an amazing pipe organ!!! She is interested in creating a touch sensitive controller that will allow her to play the ExiTrip like an instrument and fully integrate it into her musical setup.

setup  marcia

performance<The ExiTrip being used in a performance at Issue Project Room in November 2010. Marcia Bassett, Margarida Garcia, Barry Weisblatt.


Pt. 4 - Ominous Clouds Over Brooklyn - Twisty Cat from Corey Bauer on Vimeo.


Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci (Twistycat)

recently used a pair of ExiTrips in a performance in Brooklyn. For this show, we broadcasted our electroacoustic instrument's signals to handheld radios that we distributed among audience members. Our acoustic sounds were embellished through the crackle of FM transmission and electronics. The audience experienced our sound in a directly physical, intimate manner. Some interesting feedback effects were also produced during the performance.

John Also Bennett

has been working with the ExiTrip in the context of a public sound installation. Hidden in a ubiquitous road cone, in one of the most hectic and congested intersections of Columbus OH, his ExiTrip will broadcast soothing, meditative sounds to unwitting drivers who happen to have their radios tuned to particular stations. His project concerns displacing psychological space through sound, and references the original use of the ExiTrip as an in-car transmitter. We worked with him to build an RF amplifier using components harvested from old VCR's that Ed had lying around the studio.



johnalso1 johncone





Roy Mohan Shearer

used his Exitrip to create a mobile children's toy with a built in microphone and antenna. Using everyday household objects and a toy train design, his "Mouseymitter" transmits sounds captured with a microphone in one of the vessels to an external radio.


Cammisa Forrest

is using her ExiTrip as a wireless lighting mixer for her wooden Chroma Organ that she built while attending Parsons. She will take advantage of the mesh network that Ed is developing to control colored lights that correspond to various pipes in the organ. The result will be an exploration of the bleed between the senses of sight and sound. 


Lovid (Kyle Lapidus, Tali Hinkis)

sent video components through three ExiTrip devices and ran the
signals through their analog synthesizer, Sync Armonica. Beyond simply using the ExiTrip transmitters to facilitate production, LoVid
was interested in the limitations of these devices. Particularly, the
increasing noise to signal ratio with increasing frequency, made vertical lines almost imperceptible once passed through the transmitters. By combining wirefull and wireless signals, videos were recorded and stills captured. These reflect both clear, pure signals,
and interference from nearby bands.



Stills captured from the transmitted video